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800 Numbers

Get your free 800 number and use it to get in touch with all of your clients that are in located in different countries. You can redirect all of your calls to any landline or mobile phone in an easy and effective maner. Quality of calls: Excellent.

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International VoIP Numbers

Now you can have an international number in a large amount of different countries and cities around the world. Your number will serve clients, friends and family members in other countries, while enjoying excellent quality calls. All your incoming calls can be redirected to any landline or mobile phone inside or outside of your country.

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Other VoIP Services

Now you can receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls by using your broadband connection to the Internet. UWTelecom offers you the ability to adapt your landline and change it into a VoIP line that can connect to different countries around the world. These are excellent quality calls and the prices are the best on the market. Our VoIP service is specialized for residents, business, multinational companies and more!

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Local VoIP Numbers

Like our International VoIP service, we also offer local VoIP service. Now, instead of using your local telephone provider, you can use our local VoIP service to enhance the quality of your calls at a much lower cost! All your local VoIP calls can also be redirected to a different phone through the use of our control panel that is provided to you with the use of our service.

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