About Us

About UWTelecom

UWTelecom is the leading VoIP switch-based telephone company in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, the United States and Canada. Our main offices are located in Florida and Escazu, Costa Rica. Founded in 1996, United World Telecom has quickly changed into a company with global presence by offering a large variety of telecommunication products such as International VoIP phone lines, 800 numbers and mobile VoIP.

In the current VoIP Communications Network marketplace, one of our greatest advantages is the sound quality provided to all of our subscribers. Contrary to our competition that seeks to give their customers a lower cost by sacrificing quality, UWTelecom has managed to keep track of what is important – good quality at a good price.

Thanks to our advanced network of new generation equipment, we are able to connect to several high-level companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Global Crossing and Teleglobe – ensuring fast connections and the highest quality. Our reliability, customer support and low-prices are the keys to our client's satisfaction.