About Us

UWTelecom Central America gives your company a large quantity of advanced VoIP quality services at a much lower cost than other local telephone companies. Using our platform, companies can forget about incurring the large investment, high cost of maintenance and physical staff it normally requires to manage their telecommunications.

UWTelecom gives your business or company the freedom to redirect and manage all incoming and outgoing calls in an advanced, but, easy-to-use system that is accessible 24 hours a day. Your company can also acquire local numbers from different countries around the world and redirect them to a single telephone line or a central telephone exchange within your country or region.

If your business also handles a considerable amount of incoming and outgoing calls from within your own country, then you can also save money through our low prices for local VoIPs. Our local and international VoIP services are known for being the highest in quality - at the lowest price.